In Dec 2017,a team put together a proposal for getting the status of Institution of Eminence (IoE) from MHRD (UGC). The proposal presented the strengths of IIT Delhi (which meant qualifying the conditions of IoE as identified by UGC and MHRD) for being considered an Institution of Eminence. It meant financial support along with targets to make IITD more global and reach a higher level of eminence. Focus today--the vision, objectives and proposed implementation plan to achieve those goals.

IIT Delhi



Excel in scientific and technical education and research

Valuable Resource

Serve as a valuable resource to industry

Source of Pride

Remain a source of pride for all Indians

Advancing knowledge

Advancing knowledge through high impact research and teaching


Catalyzing innovation-driven entrepreneurship

Quality Education

Imparting quality education to produce technologically adept and socially conscious professionals



Four Fold Approach envisioned for growth

Broadening and Deepening

Broadening and deepening our academic scope (and concomitantly our intellectual output and educational offerings).


Developing thematic initiatives that build research and educational synergies and collaborations across campus.


Strengthening the capabilities to translate our knowledge into societal impact and solving specific problems in human society.


Establishing cross-cutting initiatives to strengthen broadly the foundations of our research and teaching enterprises.